What if you had a magical atlas that showed you a different world every time you opened it?  What if all those worlds were peaceful, cute, and cozy?? Cause, like, now you do!  😀

This is an idea that was born years ago while developing Cute Crate. I had the following goals~~

  • Explore procedural generation in the space of tile-based fantasy maps.
  • Focus on cute, nonviolent content.
  • Keep scope manageable for a jam.

This game is currently under development and not yet playable ~~ but it will be soon!

You can check out the project at GitHub.

Development log


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I really like all those different biomes with different trees. The colour of the sea water is maybe a bit too saturated compared to the rest. Or maybe its just the big difference of the two colours on that tile that make it look too "loud".  The large amount of different tiles make the map very interesting to look at.


Thanks much for the feedback! :3