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Thanks so much for making this series! I love how cute and sweet and wholesome it all is, you built such a detailed and vibrant queer little world. Gives me happy feels <3!

One thing that would have made my experience playing this part a bit better, I think: a short explanation once you acquire the Soul of Bat. Maybe something like: "You can now switch to bat form using START and fly to reach some new places!" I didn't press START until after acquiring the Soul of Bat, so I hadn't connected the item and the ability in my mind, and I got so frustrated trying to figure out how to enter the water ^_^;;

Also, I did a lot of unsuccessful button-mashing before I finally managed to interact with Kuliltu, so you can increment the number of players having reported that problem by one ;). I know how frustrating hunting bugs like that can be. If I can find the spoons, I may have a crack at that one myself one of these days.

All that said, I had a lovely time playing the series! Thanks for making and sharing this ^^!

Thank you so much, I’m really glad you enjoyed it!

Good call on the message when finding the Soul of Bat, I’ll do that.

And as for Kuliltu maybe I’ll just try coding itnover again from scratch and/or restructuring the scene . . . I think one of the triggers or something in there must be interfering

Thanks again for the lovely message! ✨


I love it! It's been awhile since I played the first one, but I think this is my fav currently. I liked the transformations! The only item I didn't get was the one to teleport back to the lunarium.

I did notice a small bug with the Book of Mercury. After collecting it, it would reappear if you came back to the area it's in. It was still in my inventory though, so it didn't hinder progress or anything.


Yay, I’m so glad you liked it!

I think this one is much more polished and fleshed out than 1 or 0 were.

Thanks so much for playing and thanks for reporting the bug! I will track it down~~


Thanks again, finally fixed this bug. :)

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One final bug for 1.0, Marble Bamboo Shell gets me trapped in this space and I can’t leave 😅 Even warping out and coming back in does like a Move To to get me in this spot when I get close enough :P Going to map and back lets me talk to either NPC very briefly but any attempt to leave pushes me back to this spot. It’s weird.

I also had a hard time finding out that I could transform and where it would be useful, maybe more of a reminder after I get the powerup that there’s stuff up there?

Otherwise I really do love this series and its queer monster universe. :)

Thank you so much for playing and for the feedback! I will take a look at this!

That bug should be fixed!

Thanks again so much for reporting it, and for trying the game. It means a lot to me that you enjoy it and the little world I’m building~~ :3


digging the art so much!


Yaaayy, thank you!!

Logged all known errors on GitHub. I’ll try to have them fixed for a 1.0 version by the end of the month.


I love this! I'm still figuring out where to go after I just got some marble, but I wanted to let you know that I don't have any audio. :( I'm playing in a Chrome browser, not sure if that's the source of the issue or not.


Oh snap, thanks for letting me know! I know the engine has an issue with no audio on iOS – are you using iOS by any chance?

Thanks for giving it a try!


There is a non-obvious platform you can jump on in the tunnels of the Inner Circle that you may have missed.

I just fixed this so it’s more clear that it’s walkable. It will be in the next update! 😁


Josette is the chief logosettestition!!

Thank you for making the music~! 🎼