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These are the working notes and storyboards I created while writing the narrative for Heart Clash: Noire, a 60 day game jam title.

I'm making them available as an example because I couldn't find any game-specific storyboard examples when I began working on the project.

It may also be instructive to look at the revisions the story went through over the course of the jam, and the feedback I got from my team (available in the Notes file).

If you would like to use this type of storyboard in your own project, a template is available in my Game Dev Docs collection.

Format 🗃️

The storyboards are in Portable Document Format (.pdf) while the notes are in Markdown format (.md).  Markdown files can be read with any text editor.

Credit ⚒️

All of the writing contained in this collection is by Paige Ashlynn.  Some of the ideas in the writing were inherited from prior Heart Clash writers.

All of the images collected here are collages made from concept and production art provided by the Heart Clash and Heart Clash: Noire artists.

Rights ⚖️

This work is Copyright © 2021 by Paige Ashlynn and the Heart Clash: Noire team.  All rights are reserved.

You may use this for educational purposes only.  You may not use the characters, plot points, or images in your own projects without specific prior written consent from the Heart Clash: Noire team.

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If you’d like to compare this storyboard with a bare script I wrote, you can see the entire script for Yurivania 0.


Fascinating! Love it!

Oh thanks!