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Stheno the gorgon wants her girlfriend Alraune to move in, but to accommodate a plantgirl Stheno's room needs an overhaul!

Hopefully their castle community can provide everything they need to make the space comfy for both of them!

Explore the Midnight Palace, ask your girlfriends and other monstergirls for help, and make the perfect two-lady lovenest!

You might have to avoid some nasty traps or trounce a creepy human along the way, but in the end love always wins!


Content Warning
This game contains cartoonish depictions of skulls, bones, blood, eyes, skeletons, demons, vampires, and a wide variety of monstergirls.

Playing the game involves navigating a cartoonish 2D depiction of a palace, with high walkways, unsafe stairways, forest cliffs, and deep water.
Some non-skippable areas include spikes and moving traps.
The player character needs to collect a vial containing blood to complete the game and narrative.

The game includes a non-skippable scene wherein a clothed character is swimming.

The story revolves around two romantic partners working to move in together and cohabitate.
As a result, the dialogue includes flirting and references to romance, kissing, cohabitation, polyamory, and sexual interaction.

Many non-skippable scenes include brief cartoonish depictions of kissing.
The player character needs to kiss a romantic partner character to complete the game and narrative.
There is one non-skippable scene that implies off-camera nudity and sex between long term partners, one of whom is the player character.

Another non-skippable scene includes brief mention of a major non-playable character's parent.

Environmental descriptions include brief textual mention of past harm caused by the player character to human invaders.

An optional lore section includes brief textual references to unspecified past harm by and to major and minor characters, including the player character, during interactions with humans.

This section also includes brief textual references to past strained relationships between a major character and their parent, along with a brief mention of the resolving of that strain.
This section also includes a general textual reference to human intolerance of, and violence toward, non-humans.

An optional playable segment enacts a fight between the player character and a human invader.
This fight can result in abstractly-depicted harm to the player character or cartoonish death of the invader.


  • Keyboard Controls
    • WASD Keys = Run, Climb, and Drop from certain platforms.
    • Z Key = Interact and Confirm Selection.
    • X Key = Jump and Cancel Selection.
    • Shift Key = Main Menu (including Select an Item).
    • Enter Key = Use Selected Item.
  • ROM Controls
    • D-Pad = Run, Climb, and Drop from certain platforms.
    • A Button = Interact and Confirm Selection.
    • B Button = Jump and Cancel Selection.
    • SELECT Button = Main Menu (including Select an Item).
    • START Button = Use Selected Item.
  • Mobile Controls
    • Same as ROM Controls, but shown on-screen.


This is my entry to YuriJam 2020: an adventure game with a metroidvania style. I used GBStudio 2 and bits of Jeremy Oduber's fonts.  My partner Caidence made the music.  All the source material is available on GitHub.


Known Issues

  1. Some folks have gotten stuck in the cavern area, unable use any items. I have not been able to track this one down. If you can provide any insight please comment on the GitHub issue.  Thanks!
Release date Dec 05, 2020
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(58 total ratings)
Made withGB Studio, Aseprite, Tiled
TagsColorful, Cute, Exploration, Female Protagonist, monstergirl, Pixel Art, Queer, Romance, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LinksSource code


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Haven't had time to try this game out yet, but it looks fun! :) I've added it to my Launchbox and, since I dislike when games there don't have artwork, threw together a little mock-up of a boxart to use. I thought that since I've done it, I'd might as well share it in case somebody else wants to use it. (Though I am sure that somebody more artistically inclined than I am could make a much better boxart.)


That’s awesome! :D

this is so cute!!!!!!!

Thanks! 😁✨

I enjoyed a lot being part for a while of this found family of monster girls! I will for sure keep playing the Yurivania's saga. Thank you very much for your games.

Oh yay, I’m super glad to hear it!


This was so cute!!! I also love the sapphic poly rep <33


Yay, I’m really glad you liked it! :DD

Looking forward to trying this, thanks!

I hope you enjoy it!


I loved the game of your creation, I can show your game on my youtube channel to make it known :) Your friend Jaem.


Please do! I’m glad you enjoyed it :3

¿final version?

It depends. There is a known bug I’m trying to reproduce and there are some small improvements I’d like to make (like stair climbing), but no major additions.


It's so cute!!! I love it!!!


Yay, I’m glad you enjoyed it! :D

I'm having trouble even getting to open this on my laptop even with the emulators, is there a specific way or thing I have to do?

Hmm, no it should work just like any GameBoy rom. What emulator are you using? Are you able to run the web version?

(1 edit)

Great game! The art is very well done only one little problem the character looks a bit too rigid, so maybe consider giving it some more animations

Thanks for the feedback! I’m glad you enjoyed it!


got a gbc flashcart, put this on it, going to print a label and gift it to my ex who’s a plantgirl, we’re going to buy plants together tomorrow<3


Yaaaaaaayy, that’s so cool! I hope it goes well! 🌱

(1 edit) (+4)

She loved it! This was the label btw, based on


Yaaaaaaayy, this makes me super happy!!!

Deleted 137 days ago

This game is so cute!!! Loved the dialogue and character designs especially ^^

Yay, I’m so glad you liked it!


Adorable little MetroidVania, loved every moment!

Yay, I’m really glad you liked it! Thank you for playing!


Nice work.  It's super cute and leaves me wanting to play some more in this universe.

Oh yay, and thanks! You are not the only person to request this so I will likely revisit it!


You can skip Skyclad Tower and the Zipline and by climbing up to where the bone is, and then holding the Interact (Run) button, while jumping right. It's not game breaking, but perhaps you should know! Cute game overall, I enjoyed it !


Whoooooa cool! Thanks, I will look at ways to thwart that 😈

(1 edit) (+2)

Welcome everyone who’s found Yurivania from the Queer Games Bundle!

I fixed all the bugs reported since the last update, except for the problem that some people experienced interacting in the cavern as I haven’t been able to reproduce that yet.

Thanks for giving Yurivania a try! Let me know if you enjoy it, or if you find any other issues! 🌱👭🐍


Hello, I was wondering about how long this game takes to finish? Since I can't save, I want to make sure I can get through it all in one sitting. Thanks!

I think most people take about an hour to finish. It’s mostly key-and-lock puzzle solving with some light platforming.

(1 edit)

A couple new bugs have been reported. I will fix them as soon as I have time:

  • The “Info” item in the Map screen displays the wrong info
  • The map doesn’t always indicate when the player reaches the treetops

For some reason, I can't use any items in the underground part. I was able to do it before, but once I finally collected the right items, it stopped working. Great game, though!

Thanks for letting me know! I will see if I can reproduce this and track down the problem!


I too appear to be having this issue. I can certainly interact with the thing I should be able to use two items on underground by hitting Z, but selecting either item in the inventory and hitting enter in the same spot doesn't seem to do anything.

Dang, okay I will take a look at this ASAP. Thanks for reporting it!


Would you happen to know of a way I could export my save? If so, I can try sending it over to you. 

I’m looking into this. :) In the meantime, if you want to, feel free to send a video of this happening that might help, too.


Sure, here's a video:
I feel like I'm doing what I've done with the rest of the spots where I could use items; hit Z in order to check the spot, make sure the item I want to use is in my inventory, then press Enter.

In this case, I'm pressing Z to make sure I'm in the right spot with the plant, and then I'm pressing Enter to use my item, with nothing happening.  Then I switch to the candle, and then I'm pressing Z again to make sure I'm in the right spot, and then I press Enter to use the item.

I also found that I can press enter outside of the caves in order to get dialog about using the candle/water, but using items inside the cave doesn't seem to work for me outright.

Of course, there is an 11/10 chance I'm in the wrong spot and that I'm doing it wrong, in which case, terribly sorry about this whole thing, but I can't figure out where else I might need to go in order to use these items.

Just to let you both know, I haven’t yet been able to reproduce this one. Was it only this location that gave you trouble?


Now that I think of it, yeah, underground appears to be the only place I can't seem to use my items.




Also experiencing this issue. Made a Github issue here, here's the report:

(I'm using firefox 89.0 on linux, but it probably shouldn't matter)

Steps to reproduce:

1. enter any area marked "Subterrane" on the map, up to and including the bit where you have to help Alraune's sprout.

2. make sure you have ANY item selected

3. press enter to use the item

Expected behaviour: some text appears telling you what the item did, and, if applicable, there is some effect on the world

Actual behaviour: nothing happens - not even flavour text

thanks for the cute game!


That was fucking adorable, I love it

Yay! Thank you! I’m glad you liked it!

Hey y’all, I believe I have fixed all of the bugs reported in the comments so far. Check the latest update for changes!


Very well done, keep up the good work and thank you! much respect, liked the rep.

If it helps others: ENTER is the use item button, cmon it says right there guys! and to defeat the human...think of medusa.

I’m glad you enjoyed it!


The title screen reminded me of Prince of Persia! Nice.


Oh cool! That was unintentional, but PoP is a great game to remind someone of! :)


This is rad. I appreciate the plot concept and am a fan of GB Studio. Thanks to you and your partner for putting this out there. :)

Yay, thank you! I’m really glad you liked it, and I know they will be, too! :D

Very cute! I was able to find a few bugs, the worst of which is that the skeleton-key sprout usually didn't spawn, so I got stuck on that bit for a VERY long time x.x But overall I liked it!

I’m glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for reporting that bug, I will see if I can track it down.

Bug: choosing blank spots in the inventory lets you use uncollected items

Ah dang, I had fixed that but I must have broken it again. Thanks for reporting that!

tibby tiddy

can you actully beat the human

Yeah, though people have had trouble with it. I need to come up a better item select and use UI, maybe a button combo.

Thanks for giving it a try!


I just played through the most recent version (1.2 I believe) and honestly I'm impressed at how much smoother everything is. I couldn't find any problems and was able to make it to the ending which was very cute (Without spoiling anything I also want to say that I like the final two lines of dialogue a lot) The team did a great job overall. ^^

One small thing I'm curious about is what the work in progress crystal ball is? Unless that's something you'll reveal later?

(1 edit)

Oh, I honestly hadn't thought about what the crystal ball was for!  I just felt like there should be one or two items in her room.  ^_^U

But, I would definitely like to return to these characters in the future! Thanks again for playing it so much!

i imagine, just like how Alraune is working on learning talismans, Stheno is working on making or learning her crystal ball!



omg this game is so cute!! i love this.

Thanks so much, I'm really glad you like it!  :D


RIP didn't realize there was a save feature.

Although I didn't read all the lore you wrote, was impressed by the amount put into for this small game. It was pretty cute and different from most yuri jam entries and I had fun playing it!

Thanks, I appreciate that!  My girlfriends were like, "are you sure you should be sending time writing lore??" Haha, but it was important to me to establish the type of story I wanted to tell


This is such a cute game...  it was so cute i had to finish it all in one sitting!  i only wish the game had an options menu to turn down the music.

Thank you!  Yes, I agree with you about the music volume ^_^U  Something like that is coming in the next update.


Finally finished this one! I appreciated the save feature... even though it's not super-long, I kept getting stuck. I'd take breaks and come back, and usually figured out whatever I was doing wrong immediately.

Loved overall aesthetic, it all looks great! The story and quests were fun, even if I kept getting stuck. (but I blame myself there) The music and SFX work well too. The map was a HUGE help. without it I wouldn't have found the blood at all... I kept thinking that one pillar was a wall until I checked the map a few times.

The only thing I failed to do was defeat the human... though I guess that's not required, as I still finished the game.

Great work!


Yay, thank you so much!  I'm really glad you enjoyed it, and persevered despite the setbacks!

I'm glad the map was useful.  While I was making it I kept wondering if anyone would actually use it...!

Yeah, the bits past the human are optional.  Although I am planning to fix that encounter tomorrow.

Thanks for all the detailed feedback!  I'm looking forward to playing through the rest of the YuriJam games soon!  :D


This is super incredible, thank you so much for making it! 

Oh yay, thank you so much!

I'm glad you enjoyed it!  :D


and omg wow you worked on Longstory!!! you are like a celeb!!!! I loved that game too! 

Oh yay, I'm really glad to hear that!  I loved working on  LongStory; that whole team is one of the best I've ever worked with  :D


Really want to try this game, but looked at the list of known errors. When will the errors be fixed? I really want to try the game.

Probably about a week from now!  I needed a small break but I will be back at fixing the errors soon  :D

Thanks for your interest!

(1 edit) (+1)

I love your game a lot but like some others, I couldn't beat the human, even with the mask on. I still recommend it 100% :) the gameplay is great, and the story is adorable :3 I love the representation too !


Thanks so much!  Representation is really important to me!  ^_^

I will be fixing the issue with human as soon as possible, thanks for mentioning it!


aaaaaw this game is absolutely ADORABLE!!!! <3<3<3 I love the cute little dialogues!
Question though, should i be able to defeat the human? i tried using the mask item while confronting them  but nothing happened 

Thank you!  <3

Also, dang, I thought I had fixed that!  XD  That is the correct solution.  I will have another look at it and see if I can figure out the problem -- thanks for giving it a try and reporting the error!!


Had problems with the mask/human fight, too. I couldn't actually get any item to activate - it just took me a while to figure that out -.- 
c'est la vie XD
What I kept doing was use 'z' to activate a picked item, but I could only get things to work by using the 'enter' button instead. I'm not sure that was as intended or not, but it was fairly confusing.

Yes, Enter/Start is the correct button for using items.  I'm sorry you found the controls difficult!  Thanks for playing!


Thank you for making such a fun and awesome game XD


I love this! So cute and cozy <3 Great job

Thanks so much!!!   😁


So I wasn't able to play through it all (I got everythign except the blood) due to a softlock but I do want to give my thoughts on things that aren't in the known issues list

Firstly, the softlock happened in the underground cave. The falling rocks glitched and now they're stuck in the air so there is no way to get out of the cave.

Another thing I'd want to bring up in addition to the human sometimes not moving, I can't figure out how to beat the Human encounter.

I also feel like some characters could give a bit more direction so you can find your way around easier.  For example Josette does'nt tell you where to find Tiamet at all. 

Lastly in the cave area one of Alraune's sprouts says it needs more light and water but nothing happened when I used the candle or pitcher. 

Good Luck!


For some reason Itch wouldn't let me post the image in that message so anyway here is the image of the softlock.

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you very much for this detailed error report!  And thanks for trying out the game!  I'm glad you enjoyed it enough to get as far as you did!  ✨

I'll note down all these issues and update the game once I've got them fixed.  💻


I found it too but I managed to fix it after opening the item list (or the to do list I can't remember)


Ah, good thinking!  That probably caused them to respawn.

I just added a fix for this glitch; it will be in the next build!

Finally fixed this issue -- will be in the next update!

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